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ملاحظة : لتفعيل سيرتك الذاتية وعرضها على المعلنين يجب دفع الاشتراك بقيمة 10$ فقط تدفع لمرة واحدة لكل سيرة ذاتية مرفوعة

Note: To activate your CV and display it to advertisers, you must pay a subscription of only $10, paid once for each CV uploaded.

What Services I'm Providing


Applicants must carefully fill out the fields on our website and upload photos of excellent, accurate quality in order to present the best options to the advertiser

Digital Marketing

We market to advertisers for people who want to work professionally in order to provide the best job opportunities for people and at the same time the best employees for advertisers.

Advanced system

You can submit your CV and it will be processed by the applications team and sent to our advertisers for the purpose of recruitment

Get your work done and make extra income

What are you passionate about? What skills can you monetize? Explore freelance writing, online tutoring, crafting and selling, even pet sitting – the possibilities are endless! Choose something you enjoy, and watch the work feel less like work.